Innovative. Creative. 
For more than 25 years.

AERTiCKET is Europe's largest full service consolidator and independent business-to-business service provider for flights.

We are a partner of airlines and a service provider for travel agencies, cooperations and web portals.

What makes us special?
- our competent and friendly service
- the best flight content worldwide
- innovative technologies and a high automation rate
- finding creative solutions for complex requirements really fast


Company history

Tickets, tickets, tickets: over 20 years ago, that's what we were all about. Today we're an ultra modern full-service provider:

  • We do centralised flight purchasing and sales processing.
  • We develop state-of-the-art booking technology for travel agencies and provide databases.
  • We act as IATA agent for travel agencies and tour operators.
  • We offer our customers friendly and expert service, for example, the complete range of fulfillment services in the travel sector.



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